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Network Installation & Configuration

We will help you to install and configure your network from cable, wireless, switch, router, access point, firewall, etc., using Cisco, MikroTik and Ubiquity devices.

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System/Server Deployment

Deploying server can be very frustrated for some people. Securing server is more complex. We will help you to skip those complexities. Linux and Windows Server are our main focus.

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Virtualization & Cloud

Server virtualization will make your service scalable. Backing up and migrating server will be very easy for you. Currently we focus on Proxmox, Hyper-V, vSphere-vCenter, OpenStack and Docker.

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Upgrading your skills is a big investment. We will help you to enhance your understanding on skills you need at your workplace. We can help you learn MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquity, Virtualization, Server.

About Us

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ITSME Indonesia (IT Services Made Easy)

ITSME Indonesia is a company focusing on helping clients on setting up, configuring or even maintaining their networks and systems. We provide you with services you need, not what we want to do. You may customize what services that we provide, so you work efficiently and effectively. We will also be very glad to help engineers to upgrade their knowledge and skills through short training or even long training. You might find that it is not the most luxurious training you had, yet we promise it will hit the mark.

  • MikroTik, Cisco and Ubiquity

  • Windows Server, Debian and Ubuntu.

  • Proxmox, Hyper-V, vSphere-vCenter, OpenStack and Docker.

  • Cisco, MikroTik, Ubiquity, Virtualization and System/Server

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